To all my fellow countrymen out there, I say this:
Don’t Flash. Text is Better.
I’m referring to a habit peculiar (Peculiar? Downright weird, I say) to Nigerians and mobile phones. It’s called “flashing.”
The practice is to dial someone’s number, and let it ring. Once. Just enough to leave your number or caller ID on the recipient’s cellphone screen. You then sit back, and wait for the person to return your “call.”
Or not.

Supposedly done to save (them) money, it is extremely annoying.
A better practice?
Take a couple of minutes out of your life and send a text message. This:
1. Lets the other person know who you are. They often don’t – no matter how memorable you think your phone number may be. And
2. Lets the other person know what you want. Having it spelled out like this may even inspire them to respond favourably to your wish. Couldn’t hurt.
An example:
I’m stranded outside the Odeon Multiplex. Please send help.
Gets the point across in 101 characters. And even manages to be courteous.
“I don’t have time for that!” I hear you scream. Okay then, how’s this:
Short. Expressive. Doesn’t require a college degree to compose. You could even store it on your phone, for next time.
Text is Better. Really.
That’s it. Explanations given. Rant over.
Onwards, and upwards.