Simple idea: take a well-known comedy, and turn it (somehow) into the premise for a horror movie.

The Three Stooges
A small town is terrorized by three mindless automatons – The Stujis (pronounced Stooges) – reanimated when an ancient totem is desecrated by student campers.

Twin teens – super-vamp sis and dorky bro – undergo a terrifying ordeal after being sucked into the parallel world of a 1950s social documentary, from whose drudgery and straitjacket morality there seems no escape.

Get Smart
A race against time, as a mad scientist’s latest scheme – a satellite transmission that causes brain cells to super-accelerate, then explode – gives Intelligence Community a whole new meaning.

The Nanny
Parents beware: This babe makes that chick from “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” look like Snow White.

A boot camp in rural Florida is savaged by a deadly virus that causes victims to dissolve, in a vertical stripe pattern.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
1955. Private eye Eddie Valiant is called back to LA, to investigate the murder of an old friend. And to stop a serial killer who’s targeting the biggest names in Toontown – and leaving their mutilated corpses pressed between glass sheets, as a sinister calling card.

Ruthless People
A chemical spill turns a factory town into a torture den, as toxic substances in the water supply unleash the darkest inhibitions of the local populace.

The 40-Year Old Virgin
A demonic force targets the sexually active population of a major city. The only hope of stopping it lies with a disillusioned Catholic priest, the last of a secret brotherhood, charged with destroying the monster.

27 Dresses
Each one cursed, by the spirit of the malevolent seamstress who made them, over 100 years ago. Each one sold, to a prospective bride, from a wealthy and powerful family. But, what’s the connection?

There’s Something About Mary
There surely is. And it may have something to do with the collection of human body parts, in her basement.

The Devil Wears Prada
Yes, she does. And she won’t rest, until the Final Day – when everyone else does, too.

Space Jam
Hot on the heels (so to speak) of “The Stuff,” a gelatinous life-form from outer space takes over the supply line of a major distributor of strawberry preserves – with deadly consequences.

Small-town librarian by day; serial-killing hooker by night. Will her deadly double life be exposed?

My Cousin Vinny
A look back on the life and career of the notorious mass-murderer – from the perspective of those who knew him best.

Joanie Loves Chacchi
Problem is, Joanie’s dead. Been that way for 6 years. And poor Chach (and a succession of mutilated girlfriends) can never forget why.

Married… With Children
Aaaaah!! Just kidding.

Just Shoot Me
A talk-show host is abducted and held in a sealed room, where he is forced to endure round-the-clock viewings of The Price Is Right.

Everybody Loves Raymond
Women. Men. Cats. Dogs. Alligators.
When a jilted girlfriend speaks an ancient curse, poor Ray finds himself sexually attractive to anything that has a pulse – with tragic consequences.

That’s all for now. The Witching Hour is imminent, and Halloween’s a few days away.