If you see a buzzword, step on it. Quickly. Before it has a chance to breed.

Buzzwords are those (usually) invented words or phrases that have made their way into general use, from the language of business, administration, or technology. Supposedly, to describe legitimate processes, and real-life concepts. But…

Paradigm shifts. Synergy. Leveraging knowledge capital.

Adding value. WTF does that mean, exactly? Adding a couple more zeros on a price tag?

And how about “growing a business?” I know people who grow tomatoes in their back yard, for sale at the local market. Does that count? If so, what kind of fertilizer do you need to generate a bookmaking income? Horse manure, presumably.

Horse manure, indeed.

One day – and that day is coming, soon – the world will wake up to the threat. And the meaningless drivel that buzzwords represent. Humanity will once again be free.

Or not.

Until that shining day, I wish you an effective implementation of conflict management strategies, that yields high value outcomes, both for you, and your existing customer base.