I love it, when a plan comes together.
When it comes together early, I’m blissed.

As a serial procrastinator, I set myself a target for the first few weeks of 2010: to put in an entry for a short screenplay competition (I won’t say which one, yet. Wouldn’t want to jinx myself. Hmmm. Memo to Self: Eliminate superstition by mid-year. Touch wood.).

Deadline for the contest is February 2nd. I figured, if I really pushed myself, I could put something together by the end of next week.

Sat down to it yesterday, and… finished the first draft. And it’s not bad. Even got a workable logline – though, like the script, this still needs work.

But, at least I’ve got time now, to make improvements before the submission date.

And all it took was actually sitting down, to do the work. Amazing.

For all of you who haven’t heard it from me, yet, welcome to 2010. Hope you had an excellent holiday season. Let’s get back to work, now.

Till next time.