And, along came Sherlock Holmes. The Movie.

I’ll confess, I had reservations about this.

I grew up on Holmes – the novels and short stories – and have definite and deeply ingrained views of how he should look and sound.

Jeremy Brett (remember him?) WAS and always will be Sherlock Holmes, for me.

Plus, Guy Ritchie – the director of the new film – has a patchy record, at best. From the pinnacle of “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” to the dregs of “Circus.”

Then, I saw the trailer (which you can check out, below). And thought, “Hmm.”

Jude Law as Watson? Appropriate.
Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler? Delicious.
And Robert Downey Jr., as Holmes? Yes! He’s Iron Man, too (2?), so he’s already got points in his favor.

Just recently, I saw the movie itself.

Two-fisted action. Witty dialogue. Quirky behavior. Deduction. An atmospheric recreation of Victorian London. Yeah!!
This is one I actually hope will spawn a franchise. Sequels, please!

I liked it so much, I read the screenplay.

I understand that Guy Ritchie has a “reboot” of the King Arthur legend next, in his sights. If it’s anything like the quality of “Sherlock Holmes”, I’ll be there for that, too.
Praying that Clive Owen isn’t allowed anywhere near the set (Just kidding, Clive).

Till then (or earlier).