So, I’m preparing the ground for “Xero Option: The Novel.” Reading within the genre, and around the subject.

Questions of prose style and the structural approach of other thriller writers notwithstanding, the one thing that jumped out at me was this:

Do Your Research.

And Make It Thorough.

Be able to expound and expand on your topic, with the assurance that comes from comprehensive knowledge.


Don’t Blind Your Audience.

With extraneous technique, or procedural detail. Stuff like: “Det. Hawkins administered 0.003 cc’s of hydropromazole to the slide, dripping the solution carefully at…”


You’ll only sound as if you’ve read a lot of encyclopedias. And need to get out, more.

Hide and distribute your knowledge, across several scenes. Spill it, from the mouths of several characters.

And try to be concise.

That’s it, for now.