Off. Into the ether. But doesn’t score.

What’s become of the GreenWriter initiative?

A year ago Daniel Riser launched the website, touting it as the next big thing in content storage and delivery, for the movie industry.

Specifically, a virtual meeting place for industry professionals, where screenwriters could upload their scripts, for appraisal, and (hopefully) action, by producers and directors.

Without the need (initially) to meet face to face.

And without the environmental costs incurred by moving huge reams of paper, from place to place.

Hopeful scribes (including me) signed up. Gave e-mail addresses. Got user names, and passwords. Some (not me) may even have uploaded screenplays.

All waited. And waited.

Then e-mailed, with queries. Or tried to visit the website.


Somewhere along the line, just… disappeared.

Try accessing their Web address (, and you’ll get a nasty message from your browser.

Try e-mailing the service for an explanation, and you’ll hear a deafening silence.

What’s happened to