Stephen King. And William Gibson. And Neil Gaiman.

News, to Me.


At least, I do according to the literary analysis website
I Write Like

It’s a fascinating resource that takes a sample of your writing, studies it, and then equates it to the literary style of the famous author whose work your own most closely resembles.

All you have to do is copy several paragraphs of your work, paste them into the onsite text box, click the Analyze button, and wait.

Several moments later – instant gratification. Or not.

Three dfferent short stories, I used. Same genre; each, with a different emphasis.

Three different results. Which, looked at subjectively, were pretty accurate on the whole.

It’s definitely worth trying this. Not just for the ego boost potential, but for the insight into your own skill set.

The result could equally inspire you to develop and grow, or pursue a new career as a refuse collector. Not that refuse collection is a bad thing.


Who do YOU write like?