Or rather, “Two.”

Part 2, of this ongoing series on how to develop story titles.

Today’s lesson:

Play On Words

You have the entire language to work with, here:

*Words that sound like other words, of different meaning

*Popular catchphrases


*Idioms, and

*Those dreaded clichés.

The onus is on you, to come up with clever combinations that inspire, amuse, or excite.

Some examples:

“Certainly Not Shaw”: A theatrical critique.

“The Days of The Silent Knights”: A fantasy series, chronicling the exploits of a ninja-style warrior sect.

“Dusted For Prints”: A murder is committed (someone is dusted) over some incriminating photographs.

“Too Many Cooks”: The Cook family patriarch dies, sparking a murderous scramble for the inheritance, among the surviving relatives.

“Counter Intelligence”: A guide to focused and time-managed supermarket shopping.

I’m sure you can think of others.

Till next time.