Then sideways.
Thinking Outside the Box
Title development is a good time to throw conventional logic out the window – however briefly. Think laterally. Or upside-down. Or backwards. You may be surprised at what you come up with. And, in turn, this may affect the slant and content of what you subsequently write.
Genre Suitability
Keep in mind your target audience.
If you are writing in a specific genre, your readers will have certain expectations that must be met. Otherwise, the piece may not sell – either commercially, or as an idea.
Grab the reader’s eye at the outset with a catchy, intelligent, and suggestive title, and your job is half done.
It’s always a good idea to read examples of other writers’ work, in a particular genre.
Extend your research, and take note of the titles they employ. This will give you a “vocabulary” of accepted norms within the genre – and may suggest ways that you can tweak or mutate these standards, to reflect your individual style.

More, next time.