Which idiot came up with THAT one?
Stupid. REALLY.

But true.

Everybody’s got an opinion. On virtually everything.
And, given the opportunity, they’ll voice it.

Problem is, with the Internet – blogs, discussion groups, online forums, feedback forms – everyone can.

But not everyone realizes the possible consequences of what they say, online.

That scathing comment that sounded so flip and cool to you, at 3 a.m.?
May come back to haunt you, in 5 years. In a completely different context. (Hmph. So, THAT’s why I didn’t get that job…)
Or walk up, 5 minutes from now, and smack you in the mouth.

The fact you CAN say anything that you want doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD.

Your words reflect on you.
And, in the digital medium, they have the potential to linger out there, forever.

Voice your opinions. Be honest. Be bold.

But, hey.

Let’s be careful, out there.