The big countdown.

To Christmas.

In keeping with the holiday tradition of giving stuff away to others, I’ll be throwing some tidbits your way, over the next several days – till Dec. 25th.

First up, is one for the starving (and, who isn’t?) screenwriters, out there.

If your wallet won’t stretch to a copy of Final Draft, try the free screenplay editor, Roughdraft:

Roughdraft Screenplay Editor

Controls are easy: Hit the [TAB] key, to cycle through Character, Dialogue, Scene Description, etc. Then, type away.

The software will format your script to industry-level standard, but can’t save to the industry-specific fdr (Final Draft) file format.
Instead, it saves to Rich Text Format (rtf) – which is portable to the vast majority of word processors, including MS Word.

If your Internet connection is fast enough, try CeltX:

CeltX Screenplay Editor

It’s a much bigger download (17Mb) – and a much bigger program, set up for total project management: your screenplay, character profiles, index cards, storyboard, images, etc.

CeltX also prints directly to Portable Document Format (pdf) – which is common currency these days, for moving scripts around, online.

More, in the coming days.

Ho, ho, ho.