Christmas! The Big Day, itself.

Time to eat a little too much, have one or two drinks too many, and spend time watching old movies on TV, laptop, or iPod.

But, hang on, a minute.

Instead of watching all that tired old dross, why not make some, yourself?


Foto2Avi video editor

is a software video creator and editor that takes your still photographs or video clips, and compiles them into a digital video – in AVI or FLV (hello, YouTube) formats.
You can add captions, transition effects, and sound.

It’s a big download (aroung 15Mb) – so you might want to step out for another glass of eggnog, while it’s coming down the pipe.

And, I guess you’ll be needing a soundtrack.
So, here’s WavePad:

WavePad audio editor

which is a complete sound studio, in a package the size of a matchbox (digitally speaking).

The program features standard enhancements and special effects.
It can read and save to a variety of sound formats – and if the software can’t do so initially, it will ask yoiur permission to download an additional component, that will.

All the best to you and yours, at this festive time.

“Sleep, in heavenly…”