And, it’s FREE.

SSuite Office QT Writer

QT Writer: The Menu, Explained

QT Writer, from SSuite Office, is a word-processor you can balance on your little finger.
The download file comes in at under 1 Megabyte – and the program itself unzips to just a little more than that.

It does everything you’d expect a word-processor to do:
* Opens and Saves documents to RTF, DOC, or PDF formats.
* Composes text with graphics, symbols, or images.
* Prints, with Previews.

I use several word-processors, for a range of tasks (screenplay editor, novel organizer, short stories, notes & scribbles). And, this one fits right in.

My one quibble is the lack of tool tips. Or a Help file.
But, you can figure out how it works, from my explanatory graphic, yes?

QT Writer.

I like this puppy.

Did I mention that it’s FREE?
I did.

Here’s the download link, again:
SSuite Office QT Writer