I’m excited, about this.

Shooting Incident Productions
(http://www.shooting-incident.co.uk) is shooting “Trick”, a short film, based on my original screenplay of the same name (which is based on my original short story – also of the same name).

Production began on Tuesday, Aug 2nd, with more shooting scheduled for Friday (Aug 5th, 2011). A final print of the movie is projected to be ready by mid- to late August.

I’ll be following the project here, and hopefully giving you some insights into the world of screenwriting and movie-making.

The story genre of “Trick” is neo-noir.

Remember those great old private-eye and gangster movies of the 1940s and ’50s? Like that.
Your classic mix of mean streets, alluring but fatal femmes, and stinging tales of murder, high crimes, and deceit.

That’s the noir.

But it’s all in a different setting. Could be present-day, or the near future. Some (not this one, necessarily, but some) take place in fantasy realms, alternate universes – even other planets. New environments.

That’s the neo (which means “new”).

“Trick” is in the spirit of Robert Rodriguez’ / Frank Miller’s “Sin City.” It can be summed up in a short, descriptive logline, as follows:

“What begins as a normal transaction in the oldest profession of all, ends – with a bitter twist.”

And that’s all you’re getting, because I want you to actually read the screenplay.
Here’s your link to the PDF version of “Trick”:


It’s only 5 pages.

Screenplays are constructed so that each page of text approximates to one minute of screen time. So. Five minutes of your time, max. (Unless you’re a slow reader; I can’t be responsible for that).

Reading the script will help you understand some of the stuff I’ll be talking about, as production continues.

For the uninitiated, the abbreviation (V.O.) means Voice-Over – like the kind of narration a hard-boiled private eye would give, in one of those classic detective movies.

(O.S.) stands for Off Screen – like when someone is talking to a character, but you can’t see the speaker, yet.

And that’s all you need, for this one.

FYI, I put the screenplay together using my own handwritten notes, and cloudware – specifically, the online screenplay editing software at Scripped.com (http://www.scripped.com).

You can try it out yourself, by signing up for a free account at Scripped. Have some fun with the editor, typing in your text and formatting it with the onscreen tools, and the [TAB] key, on your keyboard.

There’s also an online forum and a streaming news feed, so you can keep up with the activities of other members of the Scripped community.

That’s it, for now.

More to follow; so, keep it here.