Trick is… heck. You’ve waited long enough, I suppose. Here’s the movie:

Jade Hespin, as Sophia

Rob Proietti, as John

Other members of the cast:
Steve Tuck
Spike Davis-Riseborough
Allan Hopwood
Hanah Newton
Dodge West
Nick Clubman
Mel Delves
Cat Wright

Produced by Shooting Incident Productions

Directed, shot,  and edited by Jamie McEvoy and Jay Spencer

Based on an original screenplay by Des Nnochiri

Runner: Mark Anthony Nelson

Still photography by Aden Priest Photography

Casting: FBI Agency

Special Thanks to Wildcats, Leeds

My sincerest thanks to everyone who lent their time, talent, and energy to this great project.

And thanks to you, for following this series.

So. Amazed at how cleverly I’ve manipulated things, so the blog ends at lucky number 7?
Don’t be; pure coincidence.

It’s been a long(ish) road. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

See you at the movies. If not, before.