So, National Novel-Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is over, for another year.

At the website,, manuscripts are being uploaded, word counts verified, and winners declared.

Sadly, I will not be one of them.


I haven’t emerged from the experience, a total loser. Far from it.

I knew from the outset, that I (probably) wasn’t going to win.

The target – 50,000 words, in 30 days; 1,700 words per day – requires a degree of commitment (and jacked-up nervous energy) that I frankly wasn’t able to put in, at this time.

Rather, I set out to kick-start my novel. To begin the process of transforming a slightly-above-average screenplay into the first (slightly-above-average?) draft of a novel that will – ultimately – make the world of crime fiction sit up, and take notice.

"Xero Option", a novel by Des Nnochiri. Soon as he finishes the damn thing.

Yeah. And then, I’ll learn how to fly. Without an airplane.


Anyhow, I’ve got the process off to the kind of start I wanted.
Didn’t make 50,000 words; more like 11,000. But, good words. Ones that have sparked off several new ideas, to help move the project in unusual new directions.
The beginnings of a coherent whole.

All this, in 30 days without running water, or electricity.
A month that saw me getting hit by a moving vehicle, spilled face-first into a column of traffic – and living, to tell the tale (Obviously; because you’re reading this).

A story for another time, perhaps.

Meanwhile, I’m stilll hard at work, on the novel.

Word. (Just don’t ask, “How many?”)

Soldiering on. As should we all.