Or two.

Which of these logos says “Bunch of heavily-armed teens dressed as clowns hold hostages in crowded cafeteria” to you?


SOS State Of Siege logo 1

Scary enough, for ya?

Or this?

SOS State Of Siege logo 2

Too cool, for school?

Answers on a postcard, please.

Or, better; leave a Comment.

Oh, and I’ve reworded my logline a little. How’s this grab you?

When a group of heavily-armed youths take possession of a crowded cafeteria, an elite police unit must negotiate the safe release of their hostages – among whom are the sister and girlfriend of one of its key members.


Back to my Script Frenzy; pages to add.

BTW, it’s Day 7, and I’ve got 36 pages done.
That’s over a third of the movie, people.

I’ll see you, when I see you. If not before.