Detectives, Great and Good

Cop. ‘Tec. Gumshoe. Shamus. Investigator. Private eye.

Many names. One mission.

When a heinous crime has been committed, you’ll find them.

The intrepid men and women of literature, movies, and television. Always at hand, to unmask the evildoer. With a brilliant deduction, a vital clue, or simply a smoking gun.

I’m talking fictional detectives, here.

And that’s what I’ll be discussing, in a series of blogs, during the coming days, and weeks.

Months. Years, maybe. Because there’s an awful lot of them, out there.

Now, a formal discourse might split the topic into logical classifications, like:

the amateur detective (Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher, Lord Peter Wimsey)
the private investigator (Holmes, Marlowe, Spade, Poirot, Magnum, etc.)
the police detective (Dalgliesh, Kojak, Morse, Columbo, Clouseau);
the forensic specialists (Scarpetta, Quincy, Cracker, CSI, John Thorndyke).

But me? I’m not that logical.

So, I’ll be going alphabetically.

And subjectively.

I’ll consider those characters who have influenced me over the years. Or generated a global following. Or made a notable impact, in some other way.

Spanning all kinds of media, and covering fictional investigators of all stripes.

There’ll be visual aids, too. Like this tribute to detectives and hired guns, from misterplasticman, on YouTube:

Just to get you in the mood.

Be kicking off, soon.

I hope you’ll join me.

Till then.