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The CW's The Flash
First: did you miss ME?

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been, the answer is: BUSY.

My world outside the blogosphere has been chock-full of writing assignments in the tech arena. In parallel to that, there’s developing my own brand of crime and suspense fiction, trying to sell my screenplays, and the whole “trying to have a life” issue.

One of the jobs I did recently was a preview / review of The CW’s “The Flash”, for the UK market. I put it out through the Xtreme Entertainment Network, a start-up based in London. Xtreme specializes in video games, movies, TV, and related media.

Could be an outfit worth watching. “The Flash” certainly is.

You can check out

My Review, Here…



Colors to the Mast

Managed to tear myself away from the notebook, long enough to give you this sneak peek:

Cover Art for "And We Didn't Get It"

It’s the cover art for my anthology, “And We Didn’t Get It” (Subtitled “Tweets, From The Lighter Side of Dark”).

It’s a compilation of Twitter vignettes – darkly humorous scenes, played out in 140 characters, or less.

I think the collection is pretty good.

And the cover art is pretty snazzy.

And I rule.

So, there.