Christmas: The Big Giveaway.

Take a look into your brain. What do you see?

Well, with Papel:

Papel download page

you might see a mind-map of your latest screenplay, or novel.

Or rather, you might make one.

The software lets you set out your ideas (character profiles, random quotes, plot synopsis, whatever) on a graphic field.
Icons are used, to represent each element.
And each element exists as a separate text file.

The process is intuitive, and quite unique. The program was a one-off; there’s never been an update, so consider this a rare gift.

I’ve even packaged up a set of icons, based on the program’s Movie theme:

Papel Movie Theme icons

Yes, the program link does point to my personal website.
So, while you’re there, feel free to look around. Visit, some.

Y’all come back, soon.